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    RSH provides affordable pre-school education to discerning Singapore and expatriate parents and their children. 
    Parents come to us seeking the holistic development of their children to bring out the best in them.  They believe that settling the heart of the child will unleash the passion for learning, creativity and sense of purpose that will drive their future success and contribution back to society. They participate and get involved in their children’s education. 
    Children get excited going to school, even if they occasionally miss mummy and daddy.  They get stimulated through the research based curriculum developed in collaboration with our local higher institutes of learning and enjoy the outdoor activities, experiences and optional enrichment programs available.  It helps that they like the many hugs and encouragement from teachers too.
    RSH is a multi-award winning pre-school of choice for parents and their children since 2004.  We go the extra mile provided by our child-care services and contribute back to society beyond our shores.  Come visit us or call to book a free trial today!
    Yours sincerely