Compliments Bouquet

Red SchoolHouse
    • Nathan & Niall's Parents

      Nathan & Niall's Parents

      My twins have been in RSH since their nursery times and it has been the best decision we have made. I love the school programs in terms of not only academic but also focusing on their well-being. The teachers are patience, kind and passionate towards their job. My twins are always looking towards to the field trips every month which I feel is good for the kids as they not only their learn within the books but also out there exploring the world. Thank you RSH!
      Best Regards,
      Nathan & Niall’s Parents

    • Ean & Eliz's Parents

      Ean & Eliz's Parents

      Red SchoolHouse has given us great assurance when we first visited the school seeing active, smiley and polite children. The warm and passionate teachers have re-affirmed our decision to have our children joining this big family. We are very happy to see how teachers have grown our children with multiple curriculums in developing their character, moto skills and knowledge. The school has given working parents like us with a peace of mind by receiving regular updates of our children and the activities that’s happening in school. Nothing beats a joy of seeing our children looking forward to going to school every day. Thank you Red SchoolHouse for your dedication in grooming our children.

      Thanks! Agatha & Elvin

      Ean & Eliz’s Parents

    • Jude's Parents

      Jude's Parents

      Jude’s time at RSH has been fruitfully enriched through the school’s solid curriculum, regular field trips, and the patient nurturing by his teachers.
      Teachers  Jihah and Zhang Laoshi were wonderful as Jude’s N1 educators. They taught and cared for him well and would share frequent updates on his progress. I also appreciated that bruises and scrapes ware brought to my attention before the end of the day, and it gave me peace –of-mind to know that Jude was in good hands in school.
      In N2, Sun Laoshi and teacher Brenda ware truly exceptional. Both demonstrated a very strong sense of responsibility and dedication towards their young charges, and their genuine care and concern towards the students were evident. It was a joy to hear their daily updates on Jude’s progress during school pick-ups, and to see that he always ended his school day with a smile. The kind and gentle encouragement from Teacher Terra and Lu Laoshi, the generous smiles and warmth from Aunty Susan, Aunty Aminah and Aunty Cheong have also left a deep impression on Jude and me. Here’s a big THANK YOU from our family to all at RSH Thomson. Best wishes and keep up the wonderful work!

      Lots of love,
      Jude and Josephine Soh (N2)

    • Samuel Wong Parent's

      Samuel Wong Parent's

      My son thoroughly enjoys going to Red SchoolHouse.

      The school is creative in its teaching, incorporate science experiments, crafts, songs and books to encourage learning. I also appreciate the monthly field trips that cultivates the spirit of exploration and learning.

      Most importantly, the teachers and staff are fantastic as they genuinely love and care for the kids.


      Parents of Samuel Wong (N1)

    • Crystalz, Eric & Danica Parents

      Crystalz, Eric & Danica Parents

      School scouting is never easy when your kid’s future is at stake. We knew that we
      wanted Danica to be in an environment full of love, kindness and fun learning.

      Going through school after school, we settled with Red SchoolHouse for the great vibes and
      well-planned curriculum and meal plan. Since Danica’s enrollment into Tots, she has
      grown tremendously thanks to the diligent and capable teachers in Red SchoolHouse.

      But no testimonial is greater then a child’s love for school and Danica LOVES Red


      Crystalz, Eric & Danica

    • Margaret (Gideon Foo's mum)

      Margaret (Gideon Foo's mum)

      Dear Rachel
      A visual treat awaited me when I took Gideon to school this morning.
      I like the adventurous spirit of you and your staff, dressed in National Day or racial attire. So splendid looking you would all qualify as air stewardesses!!!
      I like how you tie in Racial Harmony with National Day because that’s how we came to be as we are now.
      I look forward to next year’s spectacle. Keep it up!
    • Sarah Png (Student teacher)

      Sarah Png (Student teacher)

      Hi Ms Rachel, thank you so much for accomodating us and taking time to go through the checklist with us.  My group mates were really impresssed with the centre.  They tell me it’s the best they have been to!  Such a blessing to be attached to Red SchoolHouse.

    • Aiden Lim's Parents (N1)

      Aiden Lim's Parents (N1)

      Dear Rachel and Katherine

      It’s been a year since Aiden started N1 and we are immensely proud at the progress he has shown. This would not have been possible without the hard work of both Teacher Jihah and Zhang Lao Shi. We are especially impressed with the improvement in his mandarin – from only knowing a few mandarin words to singing mandarin songs every day and we only can give credit for this to Zhang Lao Shi (especially since we seldom speak mandarin to him at home). Whom we know has patiently been encouraging him to speak in Mandarin and teaching him new words each day. We appreciate that Teacher Jihah and Zhang Lao Shi both take the time to update us not only on Aiden’s progress in school, but also whenever they notice something out of norm. Once such occasion was when he woke up with a slightly swollen eye – Teacher Jihah highlighted it to us so we could monitor. We were also most happy to see Aiden could perform so well on stage, considering he was the first to walk off stage last year and he had missed several practice sessions with the HFMD situation this year. It is not easy taking care of one child, let alone 7 – 8 active toddlers in a class. Teacher Jihah and Zhang Lao Shi both have the traits of caring and passionate pre-school teachers and we trust they will keep up their good work. Warm Regards

      Michael and Bernadette Lim

      (N1 – Aiden Lim’s Parents)

    • Joshua Phua's Parents

      Joshua Phua's Parents

      Dear Rachel, Katherine, Eilena & all the dedicated Teachers @ Red SchoolHouse,
      It has been a blessing being in this school the last three years. Joshua has learnt a lot, not just academically but in the terms of social skills and values.

      We appreciate the clean and safe environment.We enjoyed the fun and laughter from sporting and participative staff and parents. We respect the dedication and promptness of the staff towards every possible concern. Most importantly, we are thankful for the love and care for each and every child.

      I trust that the school will continue to  excel with the right leadership and positive culture.
      God Bless and Thank You

      Joshua Phua’s mum
      K2 Class of 2018

    • Raja Naila Arissa's Parents

      Raja Naila Arissa's Parents

      The team of teachers from Red School House are cheerful, loving and
      helpful. As we were scouting for school, our aim is to find a school that can
      give our child a holistic education with welcoming and encouraging
      environment. Here at RSH not only do the teachers teach but they impart
      values too which we were looking for.

      A special shout out to teacher Najihah and teacher Devi who help out most
      when Arissa first joined the school. After a year, from a child who has
      stranger anxiety, Arissa have become confident and chatty. She now loves
      singing and dancing. We can’t wait for our little hero to join the school soon!

      Thank you teachers of Red School House!

      Parents of Raja Naila Arissa (N2)

    • Alexavier's, Alyssa's and Alfonsus's Parents

      Alexavier's, Alyssa's and Alfonsus's Parents

      Red School House was the school we settled with when we look around for a school for our eldest 9 years ago. Today, I have my 2nd one just graduated and my youngest enjoying himself each day.

      What had been a place to enroll my kids so they can learn while we are at work has become not just a place to learn. This is a school where many teachers teach with passion, with love from their hearts. Red School House indeed lives up to their mission of being a home filled with love for all and even my elder kids still love to go back during school holidays!

      Thank you Red School House, from the aunties to the teachers to the center managers and the director, for giving my kids a nurturing environment, where they not only grow in terms of knowledge, but also in every aspect. Thanks for ensuring no one gets left out and for going the extra mile in many things you guys do!

      Daddy Adrian and Mummy Joycelyn
      Parents of Alexavier, Alyssa (Graduates)
      and Alfonsus (K1)

    • Oliver's & Julien's Parents

      Oliver's & Julien's Parents

      Dear Red SchoolHouse,

      You are one of the few preschools in Singapore where childhood thrives. I cannot thank you enough for the memories and lessons that you have blessed our family with.

      Without a doubt you expanded my children’s knowledge of the world. More importantly, you increased the size of their hearts. In the purest form this is what your Graduates have to say:

      The “Best Teachers Ever” live at Red SchoolHouse”
      (Maya, graduated 2017)

      Thank you for helping me grow in a happy way.
      (Oliver, graduated 2016)

      Thank you for showing me kindness.
      (Julien, graduated 2014)

      You have taught us from the Heart
      and you will always live in our hearts.

      All our love,
      The Cheah

    • Jacqueline & Jianyi Parents

      Jacqueline & Jianyi Parents

      Dear Teachers,

      As parents, it is important that our child is able to grow and learn in a safe and conducive environment. When Clarice started in RSH at 18months, I was worried that she will be overwhelmed by the daily grind of schooling and that she is not able to adapt into the new environment.

      In fact, I was prepared to receive (lots of!) calls from the school during her 1st week of school. But am I glad that it did not happen! Knowing that Clarice was a new student, the teachers paid extra attention and care to her and make sure that she was feeling okay at all times.

      This really helped to ease her transition to the environment. The teachers also kept us updated on her status and even sent pictures to us. This really put our mind at ease as we could see that she was really enjoying the activities in school.

      After a year in RSH, Clarice has grown so much both academically and socially. It is so
      exciting and comforting to see her talking about things that make her happy. I can see that she
      really enjoys school and the daily activities with her teachers and peers. We are just so happy
      that she is growing up in such an awesome school.

      Thank you RSH!

      Jacqueline & Jianyi

      (Clarice Chen – N1)

    • Noor Ashikin & Frederick (Iqraam Rayyan's parents)

      Noor Ashikin & Frederick (Iqraam Rayyan's parents)

      Dear Teachers,

      We are very pleased with the development of Iqraam Rayyan. It has only 3 months since Rayyan been attending Red School House, we can see a lot of changes in him. Being from phobia of going to school and unsocial, now, Rayyan looks forward to go to school & socializing well with his peers.

      Kudos to teacher Meng Laoshi, Teacher Sactheya & Teacher Arina for understanding a special need child like Rayyan to be accepted and his needs to go along with other children in class. I also observed that all the teachers and even the housekeeping attendances are loving & caring over all children in Red SchoolHouse.

      As parents, we feel not only humble and also encourage us to work much harder to meet our goal for Rayyan to be more independent.

      Thank you

      Noor Ashikin & Frederick
      (Iqraam Rayyan – N2)

    • Andrew & Sharon (Alester Ching's Parents)

      Andrew & Sharon (Alester Ching's Parents)

      To Red School house

      Our love at first sight – All the staff at Red SchoolHouse!
      They are so friendly, approachable and very patient.

      As my boy is the only child, sending him to a preschool was a big challenge for him and me.
      We need to ensure him that he is fine in school. So we needed all the assurance from the staff at RSH.
      RSH did it!! They kept us updated on my boy’s progress. They sent us photo updates to assure us that he
      does enjoy class and he is well taken care of by the school.

      How can we not love such a school that loves our only prince so much!


      Andrew & Sharon
      (Alester Ching – N1)

    • Pooja & Swayam (Sia & Tia's parents)

      Pooja & Swayam (Sia & Tia's parents)

      Dear Katherine,
      It is a little note of appreciation for all your endless support and encouragement given to Sia & Tia in the last two years.
      They love the time spent in school and always come home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell. They have shown improvement in English as well as Mandarin, although we don’t understand Chinese but we see them singing many songs in Chinese. At times they teach us few words in Chinese too, it is quite impressive! 🙂
      We appreciate the focus and effort made in building the character, cultivating good manners and behavior. Special thanks to Teacher Kalpana for being so patient, sensitive and understanding. She has been a strong support throughout and a reason to our peace of mind. I would also like to mention few more names whom I cannot thank enough, Sun Lao Shi, Shan Shan Lao Shi, Teacher Nurain, Teacher Serena, Teacher Joey etc.
      We are also thankful to Rachel for giving Sia & Tia an opportunity to be a part of the program on national TV. It is a memorable one for us!
      We love the way when Sia & Tia come back home with different beautiful hairstyles, I could have not done that. Thank you so much for all the love and care 🙂
      We also want to thank Cook Auntie and all the other staff at RSH.
      Most of all, we would like to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and patience. We are assured that they are in the good hands and happy that we chose RSH for our kids.
      With a heartfelt thank you and loads of best wishes to RSH,
      Pooja & Swayam
    • Joanne (K2-Chloe's mummy)

      Joanne (K2-Chloe's mummy)

      Hi Katherine,

      I must say that my little princess Chloe has improved alot since she joined RSH last year, be it her personality, character and her knowledge in studies. Especially her improvement in speaking Mandarin. I’m totally impressed with that!

      Teacher Serena did a great job! Her well mannered personality & fluency in English speaking did influence Chloe. No regrets sending my girl to RSH! Two thumbs up!!

      As for myself, lol, having a chance to meet these mummies and having breakfast with teacher(Rachel) is something which I did not experience in Chloe’s previous school.

      What more can I say? RSH rocks!

    • Melach (N1 - Adalia's mummy)

      Melach (N1 - Adalia's mummy)

      I came to know about Red School House through a ex colleague whose son used to attend the school. He is currently school in primary two and when asked about the Red School House, he has very fond memories of it. The conversation I had with him , he mentioned that he loved the teachers, the lessons, the outings and everything in it.

      My daughter Adalia is happy in the Red School House too. Very often she
      will come home bursting in songs she learnt in school.I like the fact that
      most of the teachers know her by name despite some who are not teaching her
      class. It is like a cosy family that will look out for each other , as I
      always believe it always takes a whole village to raise a child.

      When I communicate my requests to her class teachers for instances to drink more water when my daughter just recovered by her flu, they do act on them promptly. There are a few separate occasions when I met the teachers outside the school , they are always so ready to offer help.

      These are very important factors to me , as I can be assured that Adalia is
      in the good hands of a group of caring and loving teachers. With that I
      know, Adalia will enjoy learning everyday and growing up to continue to
      pursue learning.

    • Weishan and Kim Seng (Nathaniel Cheong's parents)

      Weishan and Kim Seng (Nathaniel Cheong's parents)

      Dearest Teachers Rachel, Katherine, Ying, and all at Red SchoolHouse,
      It was with a heavy heart that we pulled Nathaniel out from his former preschool. He was crying often, and generally unhappy and tired whenever we picked him up from school. He was usually always waiting at the front door, and wailing, whenever we picked him up in the evenings.
      During Nathaniel’s one month break at home with me (as I was on maternity leave), I chanced upon Red SchoolHouse and what caught my attention initially was the amazing outdoor rooftop playground that most preschools didn’t have. I contacted the school, and Teacher Katherine brought my husband, Nathaniel and I on a lovely and detailed tour around the premises. The school was warm and inviting – and we decided (almost in a heartbeat) to enroll him in.
      Nathaniel took a few weeks to adjust to the school in June, and by the third week of June – was very well settled in. What warmed my heart were the very frequent videos/ photos/ phone calls that I would receive from Nathaniel’s teachers (especially his form teacher Natalia) with updates on how he was managing at school. He was always very happy whenever I picked him up, actively engaging in activity whenever I walked into his class room to look for him! He was no longer waiting at the school door in tears – and instead, he was enjoying his time at school with his friends and teachers.
      What I’ve also enjoyed are the frequent Facebook updates by Teacher Si Ni, and the twice a month homework assignments which would allow the parents to work together with our children on. These are usually collages, or activities that we could do together as a family.
      We thank God for this ‘not by chance’ encounter of Red SchoolHouse. Nathaniel clearly enjoys school and it does lessen greatly the working parents’ guilt that we sometimes have!
    • Nicole and Daniel (Elijah Tee's parents)

      Nicole and Daniel (Elijah Tee's parents)

      My son Elijah has joined Red Schoolhouse since  November 2012, starting in the Tots class. Initially, he was very shy and was not articulating much and communicating mostly through body language. Within less than 3-6 months of joining the school, he was singing and talking (to our horror, nonstop too). It was truly a pleasure to see such a transformation in this young life and I know for certain that this change would not have been possible without the dedication, commitment of the loving teachers he interacted with on a daily basis.
      Disneyland may be the happiest place on Earth but Red SchoolHouse is the place for the children to grow into happy and confident individuals, curious for learning and excited for change.
      Thank you once again.
    • Judith (Micah & Ezra 's mum)

      Judith (Micah & Ezra 's mum)

      Just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen some encouraging changes since Micah has been attending Red Schoolhouse again:
      – He ate his slice of honeydew without any prompting, and also managed to hold it inside the plastic cover while he ate it. Usually I cut up his fruits into bite-sized to encourage him to eat, so it was great to see him able to eat like this!
      – He now sits at the dining table at home and eats meals by himself, usually he will request for us to feed him and will stand at the table instead.
      He has picked up some good habits, and is enjoying himself! We really appreciate all the effort your team is making with him.
    • Christina Chao (Javier and Chloe's mum)

      Christina Chao (Javier and Chloe's mum)

      We relocated to Bishan in September 2011.  Therefore I decided to find a childcare centre in this area.  I have seen many childcare centres in Bishan but none that I saw let me feel at eased to put my children there.  I managed to find Red SchoolHouse in the internet by chance & decided to go & take a look.  When I reached the school, I noticed the place is very clean.  Most importantly all the children are very happy!  (I can see the sparkle in every child’s eyes)  This is missing in the schools that I have been to.  I can feel the happiness in every child & I am really puzzled how did the teachers managed to do that.
      Red SchoolHouse offered me a 3 days free trial for my 2 children; aged 4 years old & 5 years old.  I was also permitted to stay there with them.  These 3 days, I saw the firmness the teacher asserted on the kids.  Unlike other schools, teachers are yelling & shouting at the children but in Red Schoolhouse teachers are firm & the children knows how to behave appropriately.  I am so impressed by what I saw.  I told myself this is the type of school I am looking for!
      Red Schoolhouse & all staff were very helpful & understanding.  They knew the fear the children have in a new environment.  My son, Javier Chao adapt almost immediately in the school.  However my daughter, Chloe Chao had difficulty adapting.  She misses the previous school & the teachers very much.  Her class teachers; Ning Yang Laoshi & Teacher Valli spend time with her & encourage her to play with her new friends.  I was worried about her.  Teacher Katherine even took video on her iPhone during lessons & send them to me to let me feel at eased.  Frankly the video & pictures taken really helps a lot … it shows that Chloe is adapting slowly to this new school.  This really eased my mind.  When I realized that Chloe had difficulty in reading & spelling, I was so worried.  I told Katherine my fear if she is suffering from dyslexia.   Katherine reassured me by creating a learning program especially for Chloe to learn the basic (A – Z).   Her class teacher, Teacher Kalpana will pull her out from her nap time for 15mins & spend 1-1 coaching with her on the alphabets (learning an alphabet a day).  Then she will send message to me on what is being taught on that day so that I can revise with her at home.  This goes on for about 2 months.  Now Chloe is able to read & spell pretty well.  The credit really goes to Teacher Katherine & Teacher Kalpana.  They are so patient to her during that period.
      The only regret I have is I did not find out about this school earlier.  I am really impressed by all the staff in Red SchoolHouse.  They are really like a BIG FAMILY.  All the teachers & staff in the school show great enthusiasm towards their own role in the school.  It is really a joy sending my children to school everyday.  My children also enjoy going to school everyday.   Now I begin to understand why everyone is so happy in the school.  I am really fortunate that I found Red Schoolhouse & my children definitely benefited a lot from the teaching (whether academically or morally).  Red Schoolhouse indeed provided my children an all rounded pre-school education.
    • Gunilla & Slava (Aden's parents)

      Gunilla & Slava (Aden's parents)

      When we were looking around for preschool for our son, we checked out about 15 different places and only Red SchoolHouse offered parents to actively engage with you on the goals and implementation of the school’s curriculum.  You are truly unique in realising how important it is to have the parents on board, how that facilitates communication, builds a stronger bond for the child between his/her parents and day caretakers.  Another thing that attracted me to the school was the sense that every child was treated as an individual and not just another child to be “taught”.  Now that our son has been with you for several months, I have seen in action how you listen to the children and their parents, draw on their individual background and try to accomodate our requests or suggestions when and if possible.  Your facilities are fantastic, not just because they are new but because of the way you have organised the space – the roof-top playground enabling the children to be outside while also staying safe, the spacious rooms with a lot of natural light and the beautiful interior.  We are also amazed by your engagement in the charity project in Cambodia and making this another thing around which you can bond with parents and children to both learn and make less fortunate children’s lives a bit better.  Finally, the staff is showing such dedication, openness and creativity.  It is obvious that you work as a team and that is the most important thing in order to make our children feel confident in their learning environment.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment that you show everyday and that has enabled us to feel confident everyday we got to work and leave Aden in your care.

    • Lindsey Lim's Parents

      Lindsey Lim's Parents

      Dear Lindsey’s Teachers and Aunties in Red SchoolHouse

      I would like to express my utmost gratitude for your dedication, patience and love in nurturing and teaching Lindsey. It is very delightful to see how Lindsey grows and matures under your loving care. Lindsey never fails to amaze us when she shares with us what she learnt in school. It is our joy to see Lindsey so looking forward to meeting her teachers and friends in Red SchoolHouse every day. Thank you so much for keeping the children safe and happy during this trying COVID period. Happy Teachers’ Day.

    • Isabelle Clay's parents

      Isabelle Clay's parents

      To The Red SchoolHouse Family,

      In addition to the outstanding facilities and curriculum, what makes The Red SchoolHouse stand out for us is your dedication to providing a well-rounded education, and your uncompromising commitment to creating a safe and fun environment where the children are well cared for whilst developing to their fullest potential. This can be incredibly difficult to achieve during the Covid pandemic and it never ceases to amaze us how you manage to do so, day after day, at a consistently high level. We have the privilege of seeing Isabelle flourish during her time at The Red SchoolHouse, she has developed a real interest in learning, she is more confident around people and loves sharing with us her happy experiences at school. Thank you for being a home away from home, and for being that safe and loving place from which Isabelle can flourish, now and for many years to come.

    • Jing En's Parents

      Jing En's Parents

      Dear Red SchoolHouse,

      Jing En was only 4.5 months old when she started at the Infants class of Red SchoolHouse @ Woodlands.  Being anxious parents, we simply have all the rights to worry about every single thing that would cross our mind what’s going on with our daughter at the center.  However, that rights were never granted to us as the teachers were so professional and caring that there was nothing to worry about! “Settling the heart” As time pass, with Jing En now in the Toddlers class, the center is like a 2nd home to her where she would roam the place like her house.  And we are always marvel at the stuff that she manages to learn in school for she surprised us by reciting 1 to 10 to us in English and Chinese one day and we never taught her that!  Well done, teachers at the Toddlers class! “Defining your child”  We are very glad to have found Red SchoolHouse @ Woodlands and made the right decision to sign her up here.  It is not just a child care center but a big wonderful family! Special thanks to 刘老师and Teacher Grace for taking time off to visit Jing En at the hospital when she was ill and warded.  Special thanks also to Teacher Tess for her caring and well wishes, though she would have visited if not for her inconvenient at that time. Thank you, Charlene, for bearing with us with our nonsense and the patience you have shown dealing with them. We would also like to thank everyone else at Red SchoolHouse @ Woodlands for all the love, care, help and support given to us over the years.  And wish you all the best for the many years to come.  Keep up the good work! Best wishes,

      David & Bee Kheng
      Parents of Jing En

    • Ian Tay's Parents

      Ian Tay's Parents

      Our son with RSH since infant care and it was a great decision we had made. The affection and personal attention he has received from Infant & Toddler Teachers. The patience and love from the Teachers allow my son to fully enjoy the whole experience of school with a positive attitude. It was never a problem having updates from the teachers on our son progression.It is hard for parent to entrust other to treat their child with sensitivity and care but our son teachers made it easy for us as parents to send him to school without worry.

      Alvin & Ferlysia

      Parents of Ian Tay

    • Xing Yi's parents

      Xing Yi's parents

      Hi Red SchoolHouse,

      Our lovely daughter started to join red school house since Aug 2018. She started from toddlers group until nursery 1 this year. We choose red school house because of its spacious, cleanliness and the big indoor playground. We have no regret and satisfied so far. This is because our daughter has made great improvement after started her preschool life. She can self feed herself, sing and dance happily, becomes more friendly and cheerful when interacting with people etc. Many thanks to all teachers of red school [email protected] branch especially my daughter class teacher 侯老师 ,teacher Rachel , 古老师 and all the class assistant teachers. Thanks for your patience, guidance to help my daughter grows in a save, caring , loving and fun environment. Best Regards,

      Xing Yi’s parents

    • Keira and Kaylia's parents Kaylia's parents

      Keira and Kaylia's parents Kaylia's parents

      Our daughters started attending Red Schoolhouse (RSH) since they were in Nursery. The teachers at RSH are friendly, dedicated, caring and prompt in their replies which makes parents feel assured that their kids are in good hands. We place our trust and confidence in RSH to impart good knowledge and character building in our kids in a fun and positive environment, and would highly recommend the school to all parents! Thank you for nurturing our kids so they can have a good head-start in life!


      Keira and Kaylia’s parents.

    • Ria's Parents

      Ria's Parents

      Hi Charlene,

      From 18 months to 6 yrs, our daughter has marked her journey by taking little steps to big leaps being the first student to get enrolled in RSH woodlands. From building moral, discipline, Independence, confidence and preparing for primary education, RSH has handholed her sincerely. We are glad that Ria is a shining star today. We are very happy to have made the right choice of education for our child by choosing RSH. Thanks to Ms.Kate and all the teachers of RSH.

      Best regards,

      Hari & Nithya

    • Jimmy Ling (Trisha Ling's Father)

      Jimmy Ling (Trisha Ling's Father)

      What I like about RSH is that the teachers are able to get along very well with the children and the children are always smiling and so happy in school

    • Phua Guan Hong's Parents

      Phua Guan Hong's Parents

      The main reasons that we chose Red SchoolHouse are for its close location, spacious and its cleanliness environment and the big indoor playground. After my 23 months old son started attending the school for about a month, he can sing along and remember some dance steps at home although he is very shy in class. He is able to self-feed very soon on his own.
      We have noticed that the teachers there are amazing caring teachers. Particularly, credits to his Chinese teacher, Koo teacher is a very caring teacher and have gone through the extra miles to ensure me that my son is enjoying himself and updates me via whatsapps.
      We also like the programs being held in school as there is a balance of cultivating their academics, creativity and play. The emails and reminders have been send to update us the topics of the term which working parents need it to remind themselves. We are happy that there is monthly outdoor excursions which is an important role for the children exposure.
      In overall, we are glad that we have chosen Red SchoolHouse. We look forward to see a change in him from a timid dependent to a sociable independent child and hope he will continue to excel, grow and complete his preschool journey together with his friends and teachers.
      Thank you Red SchoolHouse.
      Best regards
      Parents of Phua Guan Hong
    • Jovinia's and Joseth's Parents

      Jovinia's and Joseth's Parents

      Redschoolhouse Woodlands has been an integral part of both our children’s growing-up phase.
      Our kids love attending school & speak very fondly of their teachers and friends.

      The school offers a good balance of character building & academic development elements.
      But more importantly the team of dedicated teachers & school support members
      possess a genuine passion towards the growth & well-being of the children.
      What sets the school apart for us is their responsiveness and quick actions to our feedback and enquiries.
      This genuineness exuberates from all RSH Woodlands staffs.
      Hence we are confident that our children are well-taken care of & will continue to grow with the school.


      Parents of Jovinia and Joseth(N2)

    • Charlene & Mason's Pang Parents

      Charlene & Mason's Pang Parents

      To Whom it may concern,

      We enrolled my 1st child to redschoolhouse @woodlands when she was at N2. Switching from her previous cc to private cc was a worried if she was able to adapt well in the new environment.

      But due to having a 2nd child, we need to find a cc that is able to provide infant care service at a young age of 2mths. We are very lucky and fortunate to come across Red Schoolhouse. I believed 1st impression is very important to convince me if the centre is able to provide a good service in education and caring services.

      When we 1st visit the centre, it was WOW.. the place is clean and tidy although they are many kids around and the infant storage area is very well-organized, a plus point for the centre. The 2nd plus point is i saw the happy faces on the kids, especially the infants’ faces.

      This means that the kids are very happy to attend school under all the teachers guidance as infants and young kids do not know how to hide their emotions. The 3rd plus point of course goes to my gal favorite playground area. After many months of attending this centre, i can see my gal has improved alots in her speech, grammar and vocabulary in english and chinese.

      The teachers are well trained and very professional. They even provide us after school messaging support when required and weekly update kids progress status.

      We really like to take this opportunity to thanks all the infant teachers for your great patience and super attentive to Mason and also thanks all the Yr 2016-N2 and Yr2017-K1 teachers and staffs for taking care and educate Charlene. And also thanks the aunties for keeping the centre clean and cook yummy meals to them.

      To all the Red Schoolhouse @woodlands staffs, you all did very well in brighten up the kids spirits, Keep up the good work & thanks for your effort. Lastly, i do recommend parents to consider enrol their kids to Red Schoolhouse.

      Best Regards,

      Charlene & Mason’s Pang Parents

    • Lucas Toh's Parents

      Lucas Toh's Parents


      Before RSH @ Woodlands 11, Lucas was in another infant care, we can see things are really different between schools.

      We like the flexibility and teachers communication here in RSH. We always get first-hand information on Lucas well-being (Lucas’s photos and videos) through WhatsApp communication from Teacher Tess or Teacher Linda, which is something important to us. We also like the idea of photos are being uploaded onto the social media.

      Our little drama prince never failed to cry whenever we send him to school, glad to hear from the teachers that, it was only for that few minutes. Teachers being teachers, have their way to calm him. We can also feel that he enjoyed school. Hope things will remain the same or even better when Lucas get promoted to toddler care.

      Special thanks to Lucas infant care teachers, Teacher Tess, Teacher Linda and all that play a part in caring for Lucas. The stress-free school transition. The vibes that infant care teachers give off are very good, positive and encouraging.

      Heartfelt gratitude towards the dedication of all the Teachers @ RSH @ Woodlands 11. We can feel that the team of teachers are very dedicated towards caring for the little ones. It is important to have teachers with dedication, let us parents feel at ease and worry-free when Lucas is in school.

      Thank You

      From: Lucas’s Daddy and Mummy

    • Farisa and Arsyad Parents

      Farisa and Arsyad Parents


      Haziq enjoys school and thrives in the loving environment that RSH Woodlands provides! He has grown so much under the wonderful care of not just the teachers in his infant and toddler class, but from the love of all the teachers and staff in the school. He learns many new skills under the school’s curriculum and is exposed to a variety of learning activities.

      Most importantly, he enjoys school and talks endlessly about his friends and teachers. When he’s in school, we have peace of mind and we know that he is in excellent hands.

      RSH Woodlands feels more like family, and we’re thankful that we chose the school for Haziq’s precious growing years. We really thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 🙂

      Thank you and do let us know if you require anything else!

      Farisa and Arsyad (Haziq’s parents)

    • Yu Hern

      Yu Hern

      RSH made it easy for us as parents to send my child to school without worry. It always with dedicated teachers who were all actively involved in creating the warm and nurturing environment that distinguishes this school.

      I would like to congratulate the Principal, teachers, volunteers & students for putting up a great show on  the concert cum graduation ceremony 2015. We enjoyed every performance by students. We wish and thank teachers to involve every students for performances.

      We look forward to see many more events in the future !  Well done to all principal, teachers, helpers, you all are the best. THUMBS UP for all of you. J

      Attached here with a copy of our lovely family photo which Yu Hern celebrated her 3 years in RSH

    • Claire Ng (Katie's mummy)

      Claire Ng (Katie's mummy)

      Red School House Woodlands has created a wonderful and exciting journey for me and my daughter.

      The teachers were so caring and loving towards every little one in that school. When the todds whine and cry upon seeing their parents leave, the teachers carry and coax the little ones till they are calmed down. They’re so warm to every child.

      Though there was a time when teachers kept changing, the teachers never fail to leave sweet memories for the little children. My girl will say how she misses the previous teacher.

      Thankfully now the teachers are more permanent and they’re really appreciated by many parents.

      RSH woodlands also did well in managing HFMD, from how they prevented it and tackling it.

      I just love RSH woodlands and never regretted sending her to this school.

      My sincere heartfelt best wishes to all the amazing teachers here, Kate, the cook (popo the children called) and lastly all the little ones in RSH woodlands. May this school and everyone be blessed with the best of health and all the richness from heaven.

      Katie mummy

    • Fidridz and Aishah (Hanie Nadya & Rizq Isaac's parents)

      Fidridz and Aishah (Hanie Nadya & Rizq Isaac's parents)

      We decided on getting both kids enrolled, after understanding the curriculum and vision of the centre. We see our kids grow well academically, often surprising us with their new-found knowledge. They have very dedicated teachers here who practice an open communication with the parents. We love their indoor playground too, it keeps the kids safer from injuries! laugh
      To Kate & your team at Red SchoolHouse @ Woodlands 11, keep up the excellent work!
    • Vera Lian Parent's

      Vera Lian Parent's

      Vera has started her learning journey at Red Schoolhouse since Oct 2021. We chose the school for its excellent curriculum that also encompasses outdoor learning for the students. Through the well-planned learning activities and detailed guidance from the teachers, we have seen the vast improvement in her cognitive and physical abilities since she started. We are really glad that we have found Red Schoolhouse at Woodleigh for our daughter!

      Parents of Vera Lian -N1

    • Kaung Pyae Phyo's parents

      Kaung Pyae Phyo's parents

      Dear Teachers,

      Thanks for being so kind and toughtful to Kaung. We feel extremly grateful to have you as Kaung’s teachers. Thanks for your patience and for the quality of care you provide each and every day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all teachers in Red SchoolHouse at Toh Tuck.

    • Lucas and Charlotte’s parents

      Lucas and Charlotte’s parents

      I am very happy with Red School House (RSH) Teachers and curriculum. To me, what matters most is to have caring Teachers and this is what RSH strives to achieve. I would strongly recommend RSH to my friends. RSH is not just a school, it’s a family to my 2 children and me. Thank you RSH!

    • Elijah Parent's

      Elijah Parent's

      Our son has been at Red SchoolHouse @ Toh Tuck since 6 months old
      and has beenthriving! He loves going to school everyday and
      always has a big smile for his teachers when they meet him at the door.

      Thank you teachers for the love and care you’ve shown to Elijah
      these 8 months and for giving us peace of mind that he’s in good hands!